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Benefit Harbor

Welcome to Benefit Harbor

an Employee Integration Data Service that assists companies in managing their complex, time intensive and expensive benefit programs for their workforce.  The average business today spends more than $1,000 annually per employee on human resource administration tasks, not counting the actual cost of benefits.  Benefit Harbor’s flexible data integration service modules include provider integration, compliance service, HR data services, employee benefit enrollment and employee communications.  Within this framework, Employers have the option to implement only those modules that meet their specific needs, or to outsource the management of their complete benefits supply chain.  Designed to easily integrate with existing HR, ERP and legacy systems, Benefit Harbor’s services can be implemented within 90 days.

As employee benefit information flows between insurers, employers, and employees, companies need new efficient and cost-effective ways to manage the entire benefits supply chain.  The ratio of HR benefit specialists to employees is 1:100, but by leveraging Benefit Harbor, the ratio dramatically improves.

Benefit Harbor has added the following new functionality to its service offerings:

  • Relational Hierarchy for Defining Benefits – Allows a company or franchise to develop a detailed breakdown of its employee benefits by different category areas including:  region, division, department, employee title, classification and cost center.  This functionality is very important in dealing with companies or franchises that need to allocate employee benefits across various regions and cost centers.
  • Employee Termination Functionality – Provides assistance for HR specialists to cancel employee benefits from various vendors once employment has been terminated.  In the past, this has been a very manual process and the delay in canceling benefits costs employers money.  With Benefit Harbor, a cancellation notification is done immediately thus saving the company money.
  • Enhanced Audit Trail – Provides a historical audit trail that details all updates and changes made to an employee’s benefit either by the HR department, vendor or employee.  Audit trails provide crucial knowledge when questions or disputes surrounding employee benefit coverage arise.
  • HR Reminder Alerts – Notifies a company’s HR department of upcoming important dates that require some form of action to be completed.  For example, the HR reminder alerts will notify employees and HR departments on employee eligibility.

With Benefit Harbor, TPA’s or Employers no longer have to shuffle the paperwork needed to keep employee benefit enrollment up-to-date.  With one-source integration, active billing and reconciliation, data management and security, Benefit Harbor engulfs all of these services in one solid offering for maximizing an Employer’s benefit supply chain and identifying exactly where their money is going.  Benefit Harbor also helps Employers comply with the latest developments in benefits law with automated COBRA, HIPAA and Section 125 coordination.

Give us a call at 800-441-0322 to discuss how Benefit Harbor can be of service to your firm.

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