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WELCOME TO LIFE INSURANCE……..preparing for the future of those you hold dear.  Life insurance is an integral part of Estate Planning regardless of the size of your estate.  We represent many well known life insurance companies who have strong financial statements and a long history of strong claims-paying ability.  These companies offer an array of life insurance contracts such as Term, Universal Life, Variable Universal Life, and Joint & Survivor (or Second-to-Die) Universal Life.

Term insurance contracts are a cost effective way of providing the death benefit you may need and offer initial premium guarantee periods of 5 to 30-years.  Universal Life insurance contracts include cash value accumulation through earnings. Universal Life insurance contracts also offer a “guaranteed” death benefit.  This guarantee of the death benefit is based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.  Joint and Survivor (Second-to-Die) Universal life policies provide a death benefit at the death of the 2nd insured to provide funds for estate taxes.  Joint and Survivor Universal Life (Second-to-Die) policies also offer a guaranteed death benefit.  Please note that additional fees may be apply to these benefits/riders.  

Please call to learn more about how these life insurance plans can help meet your individual needs.